I have been going to Dr. Chu for many years. I am not covered by insurance, but going to her has helped me so much that I am happy to pay out of pocket. She has a rare, incredible insight into the mind-body connection and an equally rare responsiveness to each individual’s specific medical/physical needs. She takes nothing for granted and explores each patient’s issues in minute detail. Since going to her I no longer have asthma attacks, my sinuses no longer prevent me from living life to the fullest, and my reflux and spastic colon are no longer an impingement on my daily activities. On top of being a wise and compassionate healer, she’s a lot of fun to be with. I don’t know what I’d do without her!


Betty and Jim

We have been patients of hers since 2011, since the time Dr. Chu started treating us for our illness, and have had outstanding results due to her knowledge and care through acupuncture. She is a person of extremely good character and professional acumen. She is generous with her appointments and is a very kind person. We enjoy her professional demeanor and relish our visits to her clinic. In our experience, she has proven herself to be an honest, hard working professional woman who loves and enjoys her work and clients.



I came to TCM for help with my Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was having joint pain flare-ups even though I was taking medication. My Rheumatologist recommended moving up to an even higher level of medications. With regular acupuncture treatments from Dr. Chu, my arthritis symptoms have nearly disappeared. I did not increase my medications and have begun to taper the dosage. Another issue I had was pain in the ball of my foot. It was thought that this was a bone issue due to the Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was referred to a foot surgeon. Dr. Chu felt that this was not a bone issue and treated the foot with acupuncture. The pain is gone and no surgery was ever required. I am grateful to Dr. Chu for providing such expertise and excellent care. We are lucky to have such skilled practitioners in our area.



I have received acupuncture treatment from Qin Chu, Ph.D., TCMD for many years.  She has successfully treated my asthma, allergies, Lupus, swollen joints, back pain, knee and hip pain.  She has treated my post shingle neuropathy with great success in my case requiring only minimal visits to eradicate the pain. She is professional in her demeanor and actively listens to requests for treatment consistently.  She has a very gentle touch with the placing of the needles, making treatment pleasant without pain.  She shares her knowledge and suggestions for your treatment plan consistently. I would recommend her without hesitation to treat my family members and friends.



I began seeing Dr. Chu to try to prepare for pregnancy. I wanted to get as healthy as I could before trying to conceive. She helped me be able to conceive quickly, get through the first trimester with no morning sickness and a great appetite, and I have had a very healthy and easy pregnancy! She has great general health tips and was very compassionate about any concerns or questions I had. This is my first pregnancy, and at 38 years old I feel very fortunate for Dr. Chu’s help and expertise! Dr. Chu also helped me with a knee injury that could’ve been exacerbated by the pregnancy. Due to her treatments, the knee injury subsided without needing to worry about surgery or injections or any further interventions. She also helped me with some sinus issues during a particularly bad cold in the winter and I was amazed at how quickly my body responded to the acupuncture! Dr. Chu has a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise and I would recommend her to everyone! She truly cares for her patients and I feel very lucky to have met her!



Dr. Qin Chu is an extremely well trained and educated MD (China), PH.D. And Licensed Acupuncturist and has seven years of being a highly regarded and respected faculty member in a school of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Her scope of practice of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine is outstanding. She has been my personal Practitioner of choice for some years and I have referred clients who have a wide range of issues to her. My referrals have been for acute injury recovery, recovery from surgical procedures, immune system deficiencies, neurological issues and hormonal challenges. Dr. Chu works with finesse and elegance. She is a gentle and joyful spirit.
-Briah Anson
Certified Advanced Rolfer
Author : Rolfing – Stories of Personal Empowerment 1990
Author: Animal Healing:  The Power of Rolfing – Structural Integration
Producer: DVD “Growing Right With Rolfing
(Work with children under age four)